Commodity Derivatives

Commodity Trading Certificate (CTC)

Basic Orientation (1 Session)

  • Introduction to Commodity Market
  • Benefits of Commodity Trading
  • Participants of Commodity Trading
  • Contracts, margin and basic terminology
  • Commodities Available for Trading
  • Contract Specifications Detail
  • Financial planning & Projection and investment, Return on investment
  • Process of Becoming Client

Software (1 Session)

  • Detailed explanation of each tab i.e. Trading, Accounts, Resources, Personalization &Algo, and the sub-tabs within
  • Strategies while setting orders-Market, Limit and Stop
  • Strategies while setting Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • Market Depth & Order-Matching System
  • Briefing on Algorithmic Trading and its advantages
  • Other strategies while using software
  • How to effectively use software?

Fundamental Analysis (1 Session)

  • What is Fundamental Analysis
  • Factors Affecting Demand & Supply
  • Factors Affecting Commodities Price
  • Relationship Between Indicators
  • Major Economies to Follow
  • Major Fundamental Indicators
  • Monetary Indicators
  • Market in Crisis
  • Economic Indicators-USA
  • Economic Indicators-International
  • Market Sentiment
  • Factors Affecting Precious Metals-Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium
  • Factors Affecting Base Metal-Copper
  • Factors Affecting Energy-Commodities – Crude Oil, Brent Crude, Heating Oil & Natural Gas
  • Factors Affecting Agro-Commodities- Cocoa, Coffee, Corn, Cotton, Soybean, Soybean Oil, Sugar & Wheat

Technical Analysis (2 Sessions)

  • Session 1
  • What is Technical Analysis?
  • Basis of Technical Analysis
  • Types of Charts
  • Major Japanese Candlesticks Patterns
  • Session 2
  • Technical Indicators
  • Types of Technical Indicators
    • Simple Moving Average
    • Exponential Moving Average
    • Pivot Points
    • Relative Strength Index
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Fibonacci Retracement
    • MACD
  • Strengths & Weaknesses of Technical Analysis

Risk & Money Management (2 Session)

Session 1

  • Commodity Portfolio Management
  • Money Management basic and logical application with timed accuracy
  • Risk Mitigation tools
  • Trade entry identification logic, Trade Mapping logic, Perfect Exit calculation
  • Price Action patterns and identification and judgment of accurate application
  • Combination of technical tools and fundamental analysis together to get confirmed winning trade
  • Application of advance trading strategies for Gold

Session 2 (Highly Confidential and no recording or copy allowed)

  • Demo/Live Price trading under the foreign experts
  • Live Price Practice Application of advance strategies
  • Trade wining mechanism
  • Classical clue market analysis, market sentiment analysis, inter market analysis with readymade tools
  • Trade plan, Back testing, highly professional way of trading

Legal Notice: Strict legal action will be take if any candidates misuse, copy, share, or sell the last session to any third party by knowingly or unknowingly.